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Coaching & Mentoring

Andy Brown has been in real estate since 1986. During that time he has been one of the most successful and highly awarded selling representatives in the business.

Andy has always been willing to help others in their real estate careers and has provided honest and constructive advice and assistance to colleagues over the years.

In the last 5 years Andy has taken on an additional role of coaching and mentoring to rookies and old hands alike. He has attended at the offices of Ausnet, Acton Real Estate, Elders Real Estate, Roleystone Real Estate and Porter Matthews Metro Real Estate and given well-received advice to staff.

If you would like Andy to attend your office to impart his words of wisdom on topics such as how to obtain listings, vendor paid advertising, closing the deal (with a difference) or any other real estate topic, Andy will happily deliver a speech in his own unique style for approximately 45 minutes. This can either be in a sales meeting environment, one-on-one meetings, or over the phone.

To be on the receiving end of Andy’s coaching and mentoring skills, please ring 9316 8558 or Andy direct on 0417 930 911.




G’day Andy,

It was an absolute pleasure working with you last Friday.

Whilst I am fully aware of your outstanding real estate achievements, I had not heard you speak publically before so I was thrilled with your style of presentation, your knowledge of the real estate sales industry and the humorous but direct way that you deliver your message.

From a sales speaking point of view you are a breath of fresh air.

Well done Andy, and I welcome the opportunity to work with you again.



I have known Andy Brown for many years and on several occasions have had the privilege of being exposed to his wonderful training. Andy is certainly not your average real estate agent. Not only has he established one of the most successful records in the history of the industry in WA, he has a very unique but amazingly effective approach.

To say Andy is an individual is a gross understatement. In fact, to appreciate his philosophy and benefit from his vast experience you need to spend time with him and I would highly recommend that any aspiring real estate person do just that!


When I think of Andy, 3 words come to mind: Loyalty, Sincerity and Generosity.

Those character traits have made him one of the most sought after real estate practitioners in WA. His outstanding sales results have elevated him into elite company, and of recent times, he has also become a highly accomplished speaker and trainer. His presentations are always entertaining, his content highly valuable and relevant, and his passion for making a difference is inspiring. If you get the chance to participate in an Andy Brown presentation, don’t hesitate to go along.


When Andy walked in to my display centre 25 years ago, dropped a land price list on my desk and left, I knew I had met someone pretty special. He had seen a niche in the marketplace and pretty soon made a name for himself selling lots of land. Decades later, he is still doing things in his own unique way and has developed a very sharp sense of the real estate market and what’s coming. He is the first port of call when I want to know what’s happening on the ground in the industry, which helps me with my media & radio commitments. Andy has presented his philosophies on the market & marketing to hundreds of graduates of my real estate programs with an unforgettable style that gives unique insight in to the world of real estate. I am proud to recommend Andy’s real estate services both from a marketing and training perspective. I guarantee you will get more than you expect.


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your efforts over the past month with the coaching you have provided my team. I know from the feedback so far that the group found the content very interesting and from the results, I can see that the time spent has been beneficial and relevant to today’s market. The team thoroughly enjoyed your discussions and was appreciative of your time. There were some great little ideas and some big ones as well that have provoked much discussion. Your enthusiasm and energy for our industry was evident and has revived our passion with straight-to-the-point coaching and role playing. The tools you presented were not only easy to grasp but proven to work – through your own successes – thank you for sharing them! We look forward to meeting with you again for another exciting session.

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